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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

ROUNIN GASH 10: "what ninjas do."

aight. a shout out to you nazza fans. rounin gash
will be going on a break for the next few weeks while
the rakuten wednesday brotherhood of bearbreasts
head to london for some comic-con thing.. but fear not
as other randomnezz comics will be made for rakuten on the road.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

turtles 10

ninja, ninja RAP! ninja, ninja RAP! go go go go!
go ninja go ninja go! go ninja go ninja go ninja go!
ninja!! ninja rap!! go!!!! NINJA RAP YEAA!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

turtles 9

i was planning on drawing 2 this week (to make up for the one i missed last week) was to busy this week tho. as we are all on 9 now (even tho gern has written 8 for the last 2 weeks) i might just leave it.

ROUNIN GASH 9: "biding their time..."

just coasting along here
we'll get to the meat of the act real soon... ish.

moon rabbits 9

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Return Reform Rewind

Hello everyone.
This is a notice to all authors and readers of rakuten. I would like to implement a ranking system so I have placed a poll on the blog. It will run weekly from the day of posting until Friday, when the results will appear.
please vote for your favourite episode(s) each week.

The results will be used to rank authors work to improve the blog.

Please vote honestly, lets use this system to sharpen the content to the best it can be!

The second thing is a new blog format. Google/blogspot have implemented a rich format viewing option, mostly it seems to cater for tablet devices.
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They have a few different modes and are working on how to include other customized options, like polls.
A good one to try is the "flipcard" mode, since you can view all posts by author, which is just like a little gallery. Its cool! Make sure your browsers are up-to-date to view in these modes.